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Never Underestimate Cancer

This summer, my two best friends and I were talking about the Red Sox and the possibility of a Johan Santana trade. They both agreed that giving up Buchholz and Ellsbury was a little too much. They were fine with giving up Lester though. “He’s just going to be a seven inning, four or five run, five or six walks kind of guy,” Tarit said. “I can see that,” agreed Izak.

“NO,” I said. Lester was only one season removed from CANCER, I explained to them. In the three starts before his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma started affecting his game, Lester had thrown a one-run game, a shutout, then a one-hit shutout, respectively. He had the potential to raise the velocity of his fastball to the upper nineties. He had just won the clinching game of the World Series. And he was only 24. Continue reading


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